Remembering How to Relax 7-Wk Course

Even though at times it feels like you can’t relax, your body can actually remember how to with the right prompts. This can happen when practicing some simple steps to spark the chemical shift in your body that conveys the message that all is well and it’s ok to calm down.

The experience of nervousness, anxiety, worry, sometimes fear and uncertainty, and can often be experienced in reaction to stress.This course will introduce the practice of kundalini yoga techniques to help you become less reactive and more present and help you relax.

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What previous participants say about the course:

“A practical practice that leaves me in a state of bliss – tools that I now have to use  anytime and any place” – Toula


“I feel happier, calmer, clearer and more at ease. I loved driving home afterwards. I  felt like I wanted to drive forever” – Miles


“Doing this course involves minimal words, analysis or emoting. It’s simply about coming to stillness and neutrality. Coming to know calmness in your body. Experiencing it so you can return to it when needed.” – Michelle


“This night became the best of the week for me. I looked forward to it, felt very relaxed afterwards and had the best night’s sleep of the week.” –  Jason


“Breath is always there when you are and learning to be there with it in everyway is so important” – Michael


“This course gave me skills to help me feel calm and alleviate stress in my life. Nancy was a wonderful teacher and easily able to make adjustments for me with pain that I was experiencing.” Ana