“There is a wisdom that is the harmony of your being. It resounds the music of your spirit and spreads like waves to everyone in your vicinity.” Yogi Bhajan





Unwind & relax. A series of long held yin restorative poses – that allow the body to open and soften without working the muscles. This Yin PROMOpractice works deep into the tissues of the body with a focus on unlocking stagnant energy and held tension. A quiet, meditative, slow simple practice, suitable for anyone, particularly those with a busy, stressed lifestyle.

Learning to relax is for many of us, our greatest challenge. This gently lead practice will allow you to truly unwind and let go, profoundly benefiting the nervous and energetic system. Finish with a Crystal Singing Bowl sound relaxation.

Wednesdays @ 7.30-9pm.

Venue: Home Studio, Redesdale Road, Ivanhoe.
$20/$18 per class. Bookings essential by 3pm on the day. For booking and further information email or ph/text: 0414 741 610


KUNDALINI Yoga:whiteyoga_60

Monday mornings 9.30-10.45am Kundalini Foundations Class. Each week we focus in more depth on one aspect of the foundational Kundalini practice. Topics for this cycle include breathwork, bhandas, anatomy and posture, navel point, mantra, mudra, meditation, movement and rhythm. This is a general class, open to all.

Monday evenings 6.30-7.45pm General Class – A general Kundalini class with breathwork, kriya and meditation. Book class

Monday evenings 8-9pm Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Anxiety & Stress – Anxiety is a the experience of nervousness, worry, sometimes fear and uncertainty, and can often be experienced in reaction to stress.

This hour will introduce the practice of kundalini yoga techniques to help with anxiety and stress.  Classes are open to attend as a progressive and ongoing practice or to attend casually as a one-off. Yogic practices, including gentle movement and specific breath techniques to help regulate the system and provide a physiological shift to create a sense of calm and stability. Book class

Venue: Kundalini House, Level 1, 391 St. Georges Rd, Fitzroy North.



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